WICHITA — The score may have been three games to none in favor of Friends University, but McPherson was in each one of those games, losing by just 14 total points. The Lady Bulldogs are now 9-25 for the season and sit in sixth place in the KCAC at 6-11. In the opening game, McPherson led for the majority of the first 10 points, and then the two teams traded points, back and forth. It wasn’t until a 10-3 Friends run that either team really had an advantage. That run gave the Falcons a seven-point lead and ultimately the game at 25-20. The Lady Bulldogs jumped out to an 8-4 lead in the second game only to give up four-straight points to Friends which equaled the score at eight. Again both squads battled back and forth with neither gaining the upper hand. The Falcons eventually started gaining two points for every one of McPherson’s and won the game 25-20. Friends came out determined to finish the match in the third game, grabbing a quick 9-3 lead. McPherson tried to battle back, but the Lady Falcons kept their advantage until an 11-3 run by McPherson brought the game to a 20-20 tie. Unfortunately, McPherson ran out of gas, as the match ended with a 5-1 Friends run. The Bulldogs were led by freshman Cortlyne Huppe in points, as she had 13.2 coming off of 11 kills and three total blocks. Aubrey Hoover was second on the totem pole of points with 9.4, as she had nine kills and two blocks. Senior Natalie Boss had a nice match with eight kills on 17 attempts. Rachel Phillips nearly doubled fellow setter Hannah Hoffman's total assists, as she recorded 20 to Hoffman’s 13. One regular season match remains for the Lady Bulldogs in the 2012 season. Sterling will be the site for the finale, as McPherson takes on Sterling College at 7 p.m. Saturday.