Inman will be the first community in McPherson County to have curbside recycling as of Nov. 16.

Inman will be the first community in McPherson County to have curbside recycling as of Nov. 16.
Carts have been delivered to residents, and the first recycling pickup will be next Friday. Trash will continue to be picked up weekly on Fridays. Recyclables will be picked up every other week on Fridays. Recyclables should be placed on the same curb as trash.
The recycling effort will be single-stream, meaning all recyclables can be placed in one container.
Items that will be accepted are paper, including newspaper, magazines, office paper, junk mail cardboard, chipboard and paper bags; plastics No 1-7; glass and metal, including, glass bottles, jars, aluminum, steel and tin cans.
Items that will not be accepted include milk cartons, trash, automotive product bottles, construction paper, drink boxes/pouches, gift wrap, hanging folders, PVC, paper plates or cups, paper towels, scrap metal, tissue paper, window glass or mirrors.
Labels may be left on, but containers should be washed, and caps and rings removed from plastic bottles.
Wax paper liners or packaging material should be removed from cardboard and the cardboard flattened or cut.
More information on recycling can be obtained from the city or by calling 620-585-2122.
Residents are not required to recycle, but all residential customers will have a $2 charge added to their monthly bills as of Jan. 1 to pay for the recycling effort.
“There has been a good response to the existing recycling center,” said Samantha Green, Inman deputy city clerk. “Now people can put it all in a cart at their home.”
After Saturday, the Inman recycling center will close, except for several small carts for rural residents and a large roll-off bin for cardboard.
Officials at McPherson Area Solid Waste have said other communities in McPherson County have expressed interest in implementing curbside recycling.
Inman is serving as a test site for recycling efforts that may be started in other communities.