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My son is charged with Burglary, but he accidentally entered the house. What now?
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Q: My son is charged with burglary. He and his college buddy got really intoxicated while at my home this summer. At some point of the night he stumbled across the street and went into my neighbor's garage. The neighbor didn't recognize him and called the police. Now he is charged with burglary. What can he do?
A. Sorry to hear about your son. First, you need to get your son to talk with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Burglary is a felony and can involve jail time. Second, a criminal act has to involve criminal intent. In your son's case to be guilty of burglary he had to enter the dwelling with the intent to commit a theft, felonyor sexual battery. If you just make a mistake as to where you are going or what house you are at and enter the home, you may be guilty of trespass but not burglary. You need to get your son to a criminal defense lawyer right away. Good luck.

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