Small hands drew block letters in rainbow colors — HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Small hands drew block letters in rainbow colors — HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Children in the second and third grades at Roosevelt Elementary School volunteered their time last week to make placemats for nursing homes residents for Thanksgiving. Six classrooms each made 31 placemats for the seniors of the community. Jennifer Love, third-grade teacher, said the project was a good way for the children to participate in the district’s C3 initiative, which has a citizenship component. Collin Pearson, third grader, said he was happy to know his placemat was going to someone in a nursing home. “We are working our very hardest,” he said as he very carefully colored multiple turkeys on his placemat. Brandon Pettijohn, also a third grader, said he likes to draw. “I am working very hard to make it very good,” he said as he labored over his placemat. Pettijohn said he was looking forward to Thanksgiving, especially the cherry pie his grandmother said he would make him. “My brother likes pumpkin pie, but grandma said she would cook both,” he said. Other children talked about turkey and pie and other delightful desserts they would have on Thanksgiving. Love said she hoped by making the placemats the children would be reminded that Thanksgiving is not all about the feast. “This shows them to think about others, and the idea of Thanksgiving,” Love said. “They can be thankful for what they have.”