Hold a sign.

Hold a sign. In 1999, when Max Durovic got his first high school job in California, being hired to stand on a street corner holding up an advertising placard seemed to hold little promise. "After a few minutes, this can become the worst job in the world if you have a bad attitude," Durovic said to a group of more than 30 entrepreneurial high school students on the campus of McPherson College. "But with the right mindset it can be a lot of fun." Max Durovic was the featured speaker at McPherson College for Global Entrepreneurship Week – speaking to high school students in the morning and to about 600 McPherson College students in the afternoon. McPherson College has gained recognition for its entrepreneurship program "Freedom to Jump," which combines traditional liberal arts education with the modern entrepreneurship – artists, scientists, teachers and businesspeople all become entrepreneurs at MC and have the opportunity in the curriculum, through contests, and via grant programs to follow their entrepreneurial ideas. "Anytime you can infuse entrepreneurship into the different concentrations, it can set your school apart from all the others out there," Durovic said about McPherson College. "Teaching people about entrepreneurship early on is just as important as teaching good match and English skills. You guys are really lucky to be somewhere where the focus is on entrepreneurship."