The monthly McPherson building report showed a significant increase in the number of permits issued in November.

The monthly McPherson building report showed a significant increase in the number of permits issued in November. Brett Reynolds, building inspector, presented the report to the McPherson City Commission at its regular meeting Monday. Forty-six total permits were issued in November, with 10 of those permits belonging to commercial enterprises. Only nine total permits were issued during the month of November in 2011. The total number of dollars spent on construction in November was $2,415,371, compared to the $324,100 in November 2011 — a 645.3 percent increase. Six new homes were started this month, with a total value of $1,402,000. No new homes were started last November. Ten commercial permits were issued in November, with a commercial total of $789,850, compared to last November's two commercial permits with a commercial total of $255,000. Some of the biggest commercial projects issued in November included the installation by R C Mechanical of two 40-ton units on the north side of a building for a polisher room, costing $270,000, and the installation of a new 150-foot communications tower by Elite Wireless for $200,000. Also, far more money year-to-date has been spent on construction in 2012 compared to 2011. The building inspection department has issued a total of 246 permits 2012 year to date, compared to the 191 in 2011 through November. Annual dollars spent on construction year-to-date 2012 is $17,214,643, compared to the $7,619,314 by the end of November in 2011. Reynolds points to the success of the economy in recent months, as well as better communication with the community regarding what does and does not need a permit for the increase in permits. Reynolds said he hopes to better inform the public about what projects need building permits. He said he wishes to create a list of common projects that homeowners might do without realizing they need a permit, such as water-heater replacement and window replacement. In other business: • Randy Easter, director of EMS, requested the purchase of four mobile printers, an A/C Unit repair, and two portable radios. The board unanimously approved the request. • Doug Whitacre, public works director, requested an approval to dispose of some old equipment, including a laptop and radios. The board unanimously approved. • Due to a sickness with the fire chief and assistant fire chief, the showcase for the new command trailer was postponed until Dec. 10, after the commission meeting.