A community is more than its government. It is its businesses, non-profit organizations, medical care providers, clubs, veteran’s groups, schools (public and private), houses of worship, and families. Government exists to serve the community — not the other way around. The Sentinel recently reported about the involvement of the Freedom from Religion Foundation and their objection to a non-government sponsored voluntary police chaplaincy program, which is in its infancy. Organizations cooperate and help each other in communities. That’s what communities are all about. It’s not about “government holding up religious figures” but about loving, sensitive, experienced men and women having the backs of other men and women who lay it all on the line everyday. We serve each other. The Freedom from Religion Foundation objected to offering “counseling’ to “vulnerable” people and potential “proselytizing.” As Chaplain Reynolds has stated, these would be a violation of the Standard Operating Protocol.

This is not about government and religion. This is about community — our community. Ask Buhler, Kan. This is McPherson, KANSAS, not Wisconsin! City leaders, pastors, business leaders, citizens: support the people who protect us from violent offenders, drug dealers, drunk drivers, and criminals. Support the police department of McPherson and the sheriff’s department of McPherson County and their families. Stand up for those who want to force THEIR religious and political opinions on us.

— A concerned citizen and pastor,

Pastor Dan Cate, Calvary Baptist Church, McPherson