Zach LeBlanc’s lucky number is 12.

Zach LeBlanc’s lucky number is 12.

It’s actually 12 and seven, because seven “is awesome,” he said, but 12 is a special number for Zach today.

Zach is 12 years old today — 12/12/12.

Zach, a sixth-grader at McPherson Middle School, said the golden birthday is pretty cool. Your golden birthday is when the day of your birthday matches the year.

“It only happens once every 1,000 years,” he said. “Not every kid gets to do that.”

Zach is a fairly shy kid. He loves video games, but his mother doesn’t like the military-style games he prefers.

Instead, she enrolled Zach and his little sister, Aimee, in tae kwon do lessons a few years ago. Zach is a red belt, two steps away from a black belt.

Besides getting to hit stuff, the sport teaches self control, he said.

Zach also runs and is looking forward to possibly running track next year at the middle school. He and his older sister Haley, a junior at Washburn University, like to run with each other when she is home from school. Zach won first place in his age group in the Hillsboro Triathlon this summer.

Zach is a good student, but said he has no favorite subject. He said he is too young to know what he wants to be when he grows up.

Zach plans to invite some friends for go-carts and a day at the YMCA this weekend to celebrate his birthday. There also may be some chocolate cake in the mix.

However, today is not set to be so exciting. Zach tried to convince his mom to let him stay home from school.

“I told him a lot of older people have to go to work on their birthdays,” Chris LeBlanc, Zach’s mother, said.

Not only does Zach have to go to school, he also has to go to the dentist, but mom said she might pick him up at school for a long lunch.

Zach said he doesn’t mind the dentist or the fact his birthday is so close to Christmas. He said he still gets excited about his birthday presents.

“The fun of the birthday is not knowing. It is being ‘What is it?’ It is being curious,” he said. Zach will have to wait for one of his gifts, however. Zach’s father, Mike, had a Discovery airplane flight scheduled for Zach for today, but the flight had to be canceled because of weather.

Chris LeBlanc said she didn’t think to much about Zach 12s until recently.

“Everything is exciting and special. We want to celebrate big because it doesn’t come around often,” she said of Zach’s golden birthday.

“Unless I live to be 112 years old,” Zach said.

Jamya O’Quinn, sixth-grader at McPherson Middle School, also turns 12 today.