Book under fire exposes abuse, neglect

The McPherson Sentinel shared concerns about an award-winning book being used in a high school literature class that directly acknowledges abuse and neglect. It got me thinking. When is it appropriate to admit that abuse and neglect happen?

Abuse and neglect happens every day in McPherson County. It happens in poverty, middle class and wealth. It happens to infants, school children, adults and the elderly. Most of the time, it is not acknowledged, let alone addressed. Occasionally it is reported and, once in a while, caring people get involved and break the cycle of dysfunction.

When bad things are kept secret, it gives perpetrators more cover and continued opportunity to abuse others. Banning a book and pretending that this does not happen does not make McPherson a safer place.

One group of caring people helping abused and neglected children is the not-for-profit Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). They work right here in McPherson County. When is it appropriate to admit that abuse and neglect happen? Always. Rather than banning a book, perhaps we could give to CASA.

— Jay B Warner, McPherson

Distracted driving takes lives

I know that all across the country, and nation wide, we have a problem that has been addressed by thousands, but blown off by millions.

This problem is distracted driving.

Day to day we just go through life not even thinking, and not even running it through our heads. When people are driving their cars, they can have their phones out texting and driving or on a call with someone and the thought of it being wrong doesn’t cross their mind at all. Even though many people know someone that was close to them and lost their life because of distractive driving, or by someone else’s distractive driving, they do it anyway.

All it takes is one call or one text to wreck your life forever, and it’s not worth it.

Life is worth living, and people don’t realize how much harm they could do to themselves or someone else just from distractive driving.

Eating while driving also is harmful, and a big distraction while driving. Anything that takes your eyes off the road and focuses them on something else could be what takes a life.

Texting while driving makes you 23 times more likely to have an accident rather than being focused on the road.

People just need to take a step back, really think for a moment, and ask, is it really worth it?

Some great people have had their lives taken because of other people’s mistakes, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s time for a change. If all of us can get together and work on making this country come together and be a safer place for us all, we can make a change. We just have to step up and take the chance first. So if you can, I would like for you to take a minute of your time and write an article for the McPherson Sentinel about distractive driving. If you could do this, it would make a big difference, even just from a simple article. It would mean a lot to me and our schools in McPherson county and state wide. Thank you for your time.

— Allison Finney

Distracted driving dangerous

We have started a project in class on the topic of distracted driving. We have noticed the rate of people texting while driving has increased since the law was passed. People are now trying to find ways to hide their phone, which takes their eyes off the road for a short period of time. Anything could happen in that time.

We are trying to spread the word on how dangerous distracted driving can be.

More people are doing things such as eating while driving, putting makeup on and shaving.

These all have been found to be extremely dangerous because you are not fully focused on the road. Teens are starting to pick up their parents’ habits more and more, and we need to put a stop to that.

To start off, we need parents to step up and set an example so their children do not repeat their mistake and cause a potential catastrophe.

Second, we need teen drivers to commit to being a safe driver. So many teens these days are getting into accidents because they had to sent that one text. But in reality, that one text is what changed their life forever.

—Angela Govier