High Life publishes in Sentinel

By Cristina Janney


The McPherson Sentinel subscribers may have noticed the McPherson High School High Life is now being published one a month as a section of The McPherson Sentinel. This a joint project between the MHS and the Sentinel. I, as the editor of the Sentinel, is serving as a mentor to the high school students.

I sometimes think the older generation dismisses a student newspaper and its novice reporters. I feel this is a grave disservice to those young people and their efforts. Although their audience is small, student journalists can have great effects on their microcosm of a society. With this comes great responsibility.

I applaud this year's High Life staff for trying to improve their skills and provide relative and insightful articles to their fellow students.

I encourage you to take the time to read the High Life the next time it appears in the Sentinel,  which will be this Wednesday, Dec. 19.