The Details

The McPherson City Public Works will soon begin construction on infrastructure work for a new housing addition near South Maxwell Street.

The project is phase one of the Barnstormer’s West Field Addition, designed to build eight new residential lots. The city commission on Monday approved $30,982 for the infrastructure project.

Dough Whitacre, McPherson public works director, said the project’s purpose is to direct water and sewer access to the new residential lots.

The lot, which lies west of South Maxwell Street and South of East Avenue A, will have a new street built for traffic that flows off of Maxwell Street.

The first phase of the project is still in the final stages of planning, but Whitacre said the open-cut process is expected to begin soon.

An open-cut process is a standard construction project in which a trench is dug, the sewer is laid in with an embankment or shoring, then covered back up.

Drivers will be able to detour around construction by using nearby South Turkey Creek Drive.