Pastry gift is a Christmas tradition in the Kirchner household.

Late yesterday evening my family arrived home after a long day of activities - a school program, music rehearsals, a piano recital and three basketball games. Our dreary eyes brightened as we entered the kitchen and found a Christmas tree pastry on our counter. Our mouths began to water as each one of us anticipated the first bite.

Years ago good friends began the tradition of gifting others with this delicious treat. Seventeen homemade dinner rolls are baked on a flat surface in the shape of a Christmas tree. Each roll is frosted with pastel green frosting. The top 15 rolls are sprinkled with green sugar crystals and the bottom two rolls, representing the tree's trunk, are sprinkled with red crystals. The design is clever.

Even better is the flavor. The rolls are light and fluffy; the frosting is sweet and creamy. I would have taken a picture but our Christmas treat is already half gone! We are grateful for our friend's holiday tradition and are trying to convince them to create a similar treat at Easter time shaped in the form of an egg!