McPherson Hospital had a baby boom last week.

McPherson Hospital had a baby boom last week.

Nine babies were born at the hospital between Dec. 10 and Saturday.

Some months the hospital might have only 10 to 20 babies born in a month, so the baby boom kept the staff busy, said Lucinda Hiebert, Obstetrics Department director.

The department had to enlist extra help to care for all the new babies, and some new moms and their babies had to be moved to other floors as new babies arrived. However, Hiebert said the hospital was able to accommodate all the families.

“All of the babies were healthy,” Hiebert said “It was unremarkable, but we had a lot going on at one time.”

Dr. Dan Lichty was one of the local physicians who delivered the babies. He delivered three babies in one day on Dec. 13. Lichty said he could not pinpoint a specific reason for the boom.

Nothing particularly baby-related happened nine months ago last week. In the news, Republican Rick Santorum won the Kansas Caucus, and the McPherson High School girls’ basketball team won the state championship that week. There were no snow storms to keep potential moms and dads in. In fact, the weather was unseasonably warm in the upper 70s and 80s.

“It was just the luck of the draw,” Lichty said.

Lichty said he was not phased by the extra work.

“It was really fun. We like doing babies. That is what we are trained for. It was a fun week at the hospital. We had lots of babies and moms in all the rooms,” he said.

Lichty said it was special to be able to bring new children into so many families.

“It is always special, but it’s is extra special to be able get to watch the new babies during the holiday season,” he said. “The families are excited about the new babies.”

Because of privacy restrictions, the hospital could not release the names of the babies or their parents.