Reader, former president swap views on NRA

Editor’s note: D. Eugene Lichty of McPherson wrote the following letter to president George Bush after he canceled his membership with the National Rifle Association in 1995. In the wake of the violence in Newtown, he wished it be published along with Bush’s response.

Dear President Bush,

You are to be commended upon returning your membership to the National Rifle Association. We read about it in our local paper, as well as hearing it on national television. Many of the activities of the NRA have long been contrary to the best interests of our country.

Their letter, which you exposed, is just the latest evidence of the anti-government attitude, which they seem to encourage. It is unfortunate that through their contributions and lobbying efforts they maintain such an enormous influence in the legislative halls of our land.

As a recent President of our nation, your speaking out, as you have done, can help to restore a sense of responsible citizenship in our nation, which seems to accept violence as an every day occurrence. I would wish that Senators Dole and Gramm might take note of your action.

Thank you for setting a good example for the rest of us.


D. Eugene Lichty

Dear Mr. Lichty,

Thank you for your thoughtful note about my letter to the National Rifle Association. I am a hunter and a gun owner. I have long supported owning guns and NRA’s training programs.

But when NRA attacks our law enforcement people as “Nazis,” “lawbreakers,” and “jackbooted thugs,” that is outrageous and cannot be condoned.

Your letter meant a lot to me. Thanks again.


George Bush

Organizer thanks volunteers for VFW children’s party

A huge thank you to all who donated and volunteered for the VFW Children’s Christmas Party. Tom Sheridan, you are a a true commander. You’re support was the best.

Thank you to the businesses for their donations. Love you and thank you tremendously to the Auxiliary ladies and gentlemen who finalized the party. It was perfect.

— Karla Thompson, McPherson