Cinnamon rolls provide a fragrant Christmas morning.

Christmas morning has arrived. In the early years our children awakened by 6:30 a.m. anticipating the arrival of Santa. Now that they understand Christmas traditions, including the truth about St. Nicholas, my husband and I enjoy sleeping in a few extra hours. In fact, this year we were awoken by the dog who needed to go outside!

No matter what time we arise the same excitement is stirred as overflowing stockings lie beside the fireplace and presents surround the tree. Christmas wishes are fulfilled as the children open their gifts and their eyes twinkle with their newfound treasures.

It's now mid morning and the family has dispersed throughout the house. My son is playing a video game, my daughter is trying on her new clothes and my husband is working on a puzzle. As I sit writing these words the aroma of cinnamon rolls lingers in the air. The fragrance of freshly baked cinnamon provides a nice touch to our peaceful Christmas morn.