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Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution Season 2 DVD Review
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By Garon Cockrell
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Dec. 28, 2012 5:15 p.m.

Stand-up Revolution
is a fairly loose comedy show hosted by comedian Gabriel Iglesias, who is some
kind of genius with voices. Seriously, you’ll hear it throughout the disc (and
especially in the animated sequences). Ozomatli is the house band for
the show, which is totally cool. Each episode features two stand-up comedians
as well as an introduction and short stand-up bit by Gabriel Iglesias. The
episodes vary in quality, depending primarily on the strength of each episode’s
individual comedians (the best episodes being the first and fourth). This DVD
includes all six episodes, plus some bonus material.
The first episode
features Trevor Noah and Dov Davidoff. Trevor Noah compares comedy to sex: “Me,
the comedian, playing the role of the man. You, the audience, playing the role
of the woman. Because it’s my job to satisfy you. And you just have to sit
there.” But it’s his material on being of mixed races that is most interesting.
After Gabriel gives
Dov Davidoff an amazing introduction, Dov tells the audience to lower its
expectations. But he’s seriously funny, particularly his bit about people
having too many babies. When he gets rolling, he’s perfect. I need to keep an
eye out for this guy.
The first episode
also features an Ozomatli video and an hilarious anecdote from Gabriel about
playing a practical joke on Trevor in Texas.
The fourth episode
features comedians Dustin Ybarra and Thai Rivera. Dustin is incredibly funny,
with his comedy focusing on being poor. He says, “Why do coupons even expire
anyway? That’s like the biggest F you to poor people ever, right? It’s like now
I gotta be poor on time? Thank you so much.” It’s great, and his energy is
I like it when
comedians still risk being offensive, which sadly seems more and more rare.
Thai Rivera talks about the difference between being gay and being black: “I as
a gay man will have people talk to me, hang out with me, in some cases want to
be my friend, and then they find out I’m gay and suddenly they want nothing to
do with me. Where with black people you automatically know you don’t like
them." And on immigration he says, "And some days I’m ready to call immigration
just to free up a dryer at the Laundromat.”
The sixth episode is
also really good. In addition to two comedians, there are three animated
sequences. Those sequences take Gabriel Iglesias’ old stand-up bits and turn
them into cartoon form. My favorite is the second one, with a great animated
bit of terrified doughnuts.
The two comedians in
the sixth episode are Ian Bagg and Pablo Francisco. Ian Bagg is probably my favorite comedian of
the entire season. He jokes about how he was molested as a kid. “It’s a true
story. I actually got money from the church. I got $8,677. Worth it! Jesus
totally bought me my first car, and I got a Trans Am.” I also love how he
interacts with the crowd. He is a seriously good comedian, and definitely has
his own thing going on. The Hitler pussy bit totally cracked me up. Pablo Francisco, on the other hand, should be
funnier than he is. But he just can’t let go of the announcer voice, and it’s a
bit much.
By the way, while it’s
great that Ozomatli is the house band, by the third episode I was completely
sick of the theme song. (It’s played at the beginning, plus in and out of
nearly every break.) But don’t hold that against them. They’re a good band.
DVD Bonus Features
This DVD has several
bonus features, including outtakes and a behind-the-scenes look at the making
of the Ozomatli music video (which was shot at the Roxy). The best bonus
material is the series of animated “Hey It’s Fluffy!” shorts. There are four
shorts: “Fluffy And The Demon,” “Indecent Proposal,” “Dino Is Gay” and “Taco
Truck.” My personal favorite is “Taco Truck,” because of the end.
Gabriel Iglesias
Presents Stand-Up Revolution Season 2 was released on December 21, 2012.

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