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Living with Dogs- Simplified Christmas
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By Terry Spradley
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Lightning and Hudson wait patiently in the truck for their next big adventure
Terry Spradley
Lightning and Hudson wait patiently in the truck for their next big adventure
Jan. 3, 2013 noon

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, large clumps of white fur balls showed that Lightning had been there.
Another Christmas has come and gone another is on the way.
I didn’t put up a tree this year. I have yet to see Lightning or Hudson walk passed a tree without stopping to mark that they had been there.
I figured a tree standing in water and plugged into a 110 volt outlet might be a little more Christmas cheer than either of the dogs bargained for if they decided to mark that particular spot.
I did buy both of the big white dogs one of those large chew bones that are supposed to last a couple days.
By 10:30 a.m. the bones were gone and the dogs were playing with the plastic packaging the came in. Kind of like when I was a kid and by noon we’d broke most of the toys and we building forts out of the boxes they came in.
With the paper done on an early deadline, and Christmas clean up done by taking the plastic wrappers away from the dogs we decided to take a road trip.
We made a few stops in St. John then headed east to visit family and friends.
The bitter cold didn’t seem to bother the dogs much, they spent a good part of the day sleeping in the topper.
Lightning made one appearance when we stopped at the ex-wife’s to visit my daughter.
A minor meltdown in the oven set the smoke detector off and while doors were open airing the place out Lightning invited himself in to ask if that beeping meant dinner was ready.
Her husband called up from the basement asking the same thing.
We took the I-70 route partway home and all the blinking lights on the wind generators looked light one wide spread Christmas display.
It was a pretty laid back Christmas this year, but getting home to no piles of wrapping paper, decorations to take down and dishes to do, maybe no tree and buying presents you can eat isn’t such a bad way to celebrate the day.
Terry Spradley is the editor of the St. John News, his email is sjnewseditor@embarqmail.com

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