AGE: 20

School: Central Christian College of Kansas

Year: Senior

Field of study: Communications (Minor: Aviation)

Family: Eric and Danette Matty, Denver (17-year-old brother)

Hometown: Lincoln, Neb.

Activities: Acting in school play, flying planes, part of a worship band

Interests: Reading, writing, singing, acting, taking pictures, flying planes

College highlights: I am involved in a brand new student-led organization called R58. We connect to the community around us, find out what needs there are, and go out to fulfill those needs. To be honest, what I love about it is it gives me the opportunity to worship God through serving our community, like Jesus. I am also involved in a worship band so I can give glory to God not just with service but with my singing.

Post-graduation goals: I am going to get my commercial pilot's license and somehow get my hands on my own Cessna. I want to be a sort of missionary pilot and world traveling photojournalist — keeping the truth when I report and photograph current events and providing information for people to get involved to change the world.