The annual Farm Forum will be Jan. 23 at Perkins.

The annual Farm Forum will be Jan. 23 at Perkins.

Breakfast will kick off at 6:30 a.m., and then farm business adviser Lance Woodbury, will address the group.

Woodbury works as a consultant to family- owned and closely held businesses in Garden City. His special emphasis is business planning, mediation and conflict resolution. He is also a published author and will speak about his most recent published work, “‘The Enduring Legacy' Family Business Values.”

As we think of succession planning, we often focus primarily on passing on the financial assets to the next generation, however, in Lance's recent book, he focuses on furthering the family legacy also requires a focus on the values that define the organization.

At an earlier farm succession Extension meeting, Ron Hanson stressed the importance of addressing the family values involved in the planning process in order to successfully move forward with the farm transition. The upcoming farm forum should provide another opportunity to help families become more informed as they make these future decisions.

The farm forum will also recognize the Farm Family of the Year and also the Friend of Agriculture Award winners. These awards are given to recognize the contributions of local people and to recognize the contributions they give to make our communities better.

Please consider joining the Ag Chamber Committee, area farmers, neighbors and industry partners the morning of Jan. 23 at Perkins large meeting room. It will be a great opportunity you won't want to miss.

For more information. please call the local McPherson County Extension office at 620-241-1523.

Jonie James is a McPherson County Extension Agent for agriculture.