Are you glad that the Holiday's are over with until warmer weather? I know that I am.

Are you glad that the Holiday's are over with until warmer weather? I know that I am. It seems like about mid November to Christmas, there is something going on every weekend. There was one Saturday that I wanted to be at four places at the same time.

One thing that I will miss is the bell ringers out in front of the stores. Every time I walk past them and not donate, I am getting stronger for the rest of the year. Now I can drive by the men and women standing on the street corner begging for money and not feel guilty.

You wouldn't believe how many people that walk the truck stops parking lots begging for money. Everyone runs out of gas at a truck stop which is convenient since everyone parked there, has a “JOB”! I have gotten use to saying that I'm broke and that is why I am there working.

I did have one man come up to me at a 7-11 and asked if he could have a dollar to buy a beer. I was in shock and gave him two dollars. He didn't pretend to be out of gas or hungry, he was thirsty. He bought two beers and came out of the store happy.

Some how I got derailed off what I was going to write so I better get back there. This past Saturday afternoon, there wasn't anything going on. What can you do in Stafford County? In St. John you can go to Dollar General, Dillon's or Aunt Susie's Gourmet Kettle Corn on the east side of the square.

Janice and I decided to go to Stafford to the Stafford Mercantile. Since it is so far away, eight miles, we had been there one other time. The problem that I have now, is that I will have to go back the next few Saturdays. They are having $2 banana splits.

As I read the advertisement in the St. John News, I am thinking that I may have to quite my job just to be home during the week for their daily specials. There goes my New Years resolution that I should have made that would have been broken.

After we left the Mercantile, Janice asked me where I wanted to go next. Is there any place else to go? She mentioned that we could check and see if the Antique Mall was open. I don't have any antiquing experience or a desire to look.

There are places that I have parked and the only thing you can get on television is PBS. If that is the case, I hope the Antique Road Show is on. Just because they say it is worth so much, doesn't mean you will get that. If I ever took anything to the Antique Road Show, you would see me at the end where they tell me that I owe them money for looking at it.

If you are not into glasses and plates, just keep walking through the store. It is a mini museum. Some things brought back memories of growing up. Such as the match box holder that we had by the back door to burn the trash and on the stove to light the burners.

There is a 1950's black desk phone that a tornado couldn't move. I have to admit that I had to put my finger in the rotary dial and gave it a spin to hear it go click, click, click. When was the last time you have done that? The question I have is, what would I do with it if I bought it?

If you see me standing in front of the Stafford Mercantile holding a big black paper weight that looks like a phone, and begging for $2.16 (tax included), I will not buy a beer. I will spend that money on a banana split and walk out of the store happy.