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Guys Grab Your Girls and Girls Well Grab Your Girls it's our Top 5 Lesbian Sex Scenes in Movies
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Jan. 11, 2013 12:01 a.m.

With any year close, we see a lot of top 10 lists, whether it be the Top 10 Celebrity Opps, the Top 10 Funniest Memes, or the Top Ten Movies of the Year. But I thought it would be more fun to welcome 2013 with a top 5 list of the hottest lesbian sex scenes of all time. Strangely enough, I found all of these scenes in psychological thrillers, so get your Adam and Eve sex toys ready and then snuggle up with your teddy bear afterwards because you just might need it. Hope you enjoy!
Mullholland Drive
Mullholland Drive was released in 2001 and is a neo-noir styled psychological thriller. With a plot so twisted and too long to sum up in two sentences, this film basically follows the life of an actress as she falls in and out of touch with reality and falls in love with an estranged woman. As you'll find with all my selections, I went with the girl's first hook up scene of the movie. You'll also find another sex scene and a disturbing masturbation scene in this movie. This movie was produced by David Lynch, so stick to these clips instead of the movie if you're not into having your mind messed with.
Black Swan
a psychological thriller split personalities
Black Swan was released in 2010 and was produced by Darren Aronofsky, the same twisted genius who gave us Requiem for a Dream and Pi. And let's be honest, who didn't know this was going to be on the list. This psychological thriller follows the life of Nina (Natalie Portman) as she dances as the White Swan in Swan Lake. A tumultuous relationship begins with her counter part, the Black Swan (Mila Kunis) and it eventually leads Nina down a dark path. An ending nothing short of dramatic leaves you completely stunned. However for this scene selection, I picked the one and only hook up scene between Portman and Kunis.
Bound was released in 1996 and is another neo-noir crime thriller centered around the mafia and two lovers trying to start a new life together. After a mafia couple (Joe Pantoliano and Jennifer Tilly) meet their new neighbor/handy woman, Corky (Gina Gershon), the wife plans a scheme to get Corky to come over. Lured over to retrieve an earring from the pipe, Tilley proceeds to seduce Gershon on the couch and so begins their secret affair. I went with their first hook up scene because Tilly wants you to "feel" her attraction to Gershon.
Gia was released on HBO in 1998 and was a biographical film about the model Gia Marie Carangi. While depressing, this movie follows Gia from Philapdelphia to NYC, where she is immediately noticed for her beauty and rises to the forefront of the modeling industry. Shortly thereafter she falls into a love affair with a make up artist (Elizabeth Mitchell--you know, the blond from Lost.). While the movie had some decent girl on girl throughout, I picked the scene where they have sex for the first time immediately following a naked photo shoot the did together.
Wild Things
Wild Things, also released in 1998, is an erotic crime film with many twists and turns--a story of deception that begs the viewer to ask, who's fooling who? Despite it's low grade acting, hilarious 90s wear and Matt Dillion in general, this movie has some decent scenes--even one involving champagne and Denise Richard's boobs. However, for this selection, I'm going with the iconic make out scene between Denise Richards and Neve Campbell. Take a look.

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