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Kyle's Best and Worst Films of 2012
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Jan. 11, 2013 5:15 p.m.

I know it's a little late to be doing this but I wanted to highlight some of the best and worst films (that I saw) of 2012. I've placed these in the order of release and I tried to use Mondo/ fan made/ uncommon posters for each.
Let's start off with the Best films:
1.The Cabin in the Woods - I know people have rammed this movie down people's throats, but it is genius! It's a great deviation from the usual cliches of the horror genre. Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford are awesome in this movie and their on screen chemistry is perfect!
2. The Avengers - Another Joss Whedon film? The Avengers is a stunning adventure completing Marvel's Phase One! It's full of fun, excitement, and packs quite a punch!
3. The Dark Knight Rises - Now, as I've reviewed before, this was not my favorite of Nolan's Batman films, but I thought it was a solid 8 out of 10. Anne Hathaway stole the show as Selina Kyle (Catwoman)!
4. Dredd - Karl Urban killed it as Judge Dredd in this reboot of the famous comic book character (and not once did he remove his mask). It's a bloody, violent, and brilliant take on the character and it's a shame more people didn't see it. Do yourself a favor and see Dredd!
5. Argo - Ben Affleck's newest film chronicles the rescue attempt of six U.S. diplomats during the Iran Hostage Crisis. It's a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end!
6. Seven Psychopaths - The latest from Martin McDonagh (In Bruges) is hilarious and very self aware. Sam Rockwell steals the show!
7. Looper - The previews made it look like a buddy cop movie between Bruce Willis and his younger self (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), but it's a lot more than that. This is a great sci-fi action movie with an awesome cast! It's scary how much JGL looks and sounds like a young Bruce Willis.
8. Skyfall - This might be my favorite James Bond film ever! It has everything a Bond movie should have: non-stop action, a creepy and deadly villain (Javier Bardem), Q (Ben Whinshaw), and more ass kicking than ever before! Sam Mendes really set the bar high by creating a new, yet reminiscent Bond film.
9. Jack Reacher - At first glance, this seems like an average action "beat 'em up," but it's really great! Tom Cruise is great (as always), despite initially receiving a lot of flack for portraying the 7 foot tall character. The story is exceptional and Cruise is a total badass!
10. Django Unchained - Definitely one of the top Tarantino movies! Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz are a perfect duo in this crazy western!
Honorable Mentions:
- 21 Jump Street - I was blown away at how funny this movie actually was. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are the perfect "buddy cop" duo. It's part high school comedy, part action movie, and all hilarity.
- Lockout - Guy Pearce did his best Snake Plissken impression in this sci-fi action film.
-Ted - Seth MacFarlane's directorial debut about a teddy bear that comes alive is ripe with fart jokes and pop culture references. This film was hilarious and caters to Family Guy and American Dad fans.
... And now for the Worst of 2012:
1. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - Just when you thought the Ghost Rider franchise couldn't get any worse... it did. This movie was boring and didn't make any sense. The best part was Idris Elba's character, who wasn't even in it that much. The plot was similar to another awful Cage vehicle, Drive Angry.
2. The Five Year Engagement - I really thought this Jason Segel/ Emily Blunt comedy was going to be good, but it was just mediocre at best. It's pretty sad and you realize that both Segel and Blunt's characters are just awful, self obsessed people. It wasn't engaging at all and it definitely felt like it lasted five years.
3. The Raven - I honestly had high hopes for this film (aside from the fact that John Cusack looked nothing like Edgar Allen Poe). Everything just fell flat, the stories of Poe were very loosely adapted into the plot, and it just wasn't compelling.
4. Safe - Another boring, Jason Statham movie with a plot that is ridiculous. I did really like the style and look of the film though.
5. Dark Shadows - This was a terrible. It was basically like The Brady Bunch Movie, but for Dark Shadows. Johnny Depp was good, but it was riddled with stupid jokes that were all ruined in the previews.
6. Battleship - I rented this to see how bad it was. Ten minutes into it, I lost interest and played games on my phone.
7. Snow White and the Huntsman - The single most boring movie I've ever watched. From the lack of of urgency from all of the characters to the lack of expressions on Kristen Stewart's face, this movie was boring all the way around. The dwarves played an extremely small role (pun completely intended). Chris Hemsworth was good, basically like a dumbed down Thor with an axe. The best part was Charlize Theron.
8. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - The book is amazing, seamlessly intertwining fact and fiction to create a unique and fun story. The movie (written by the book's author, Seth Grahame-Smith) was incredibly disappointing. Benjamin Walker looked nothing like Lincoln and they really glazed over a lot of the important stuff from the book. I felt like I was watching the movie in fast forward. Everything about this film seemed rushed.
9. Total Recall - As a huge fan of the original, I found this film unnecessary and incredibly boring. There were a lot of things that weren't explained and just randomly happened.
10. Taken 2 - I liked the first film, but this one was absolutely ridiculous. Maggie Grace still acts like a 12 year old and runs like a T-Rex, but this time you have to put up with it for the entire movie. There's a stupid part where she's randomly throwing grenades off of rooftops and somehow Liam Neeson is able to figure out how far away she is based upon the sound. It's awful and not even in a good way.
Dishonorable Mention:
-The Expendables 2- This is a film that is awful in a good way. I laughed at the ridiculousness of it and the force feeding of lines from other movies (e.g. "I'll be back"). My vote for best comedy of the year.

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