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Losing weight is easier with MyFitnessPal
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Jan. 11, 2013 11:20 a.m.

Today’s guest post is by my friend Jessica Marvin, a 32 year old Army wife and mother two. I asked Jessica to share what she is using to shed the last bit of baby weight.
I started my weight loss adventure back in 2011 when I realized I was not in my 20's anymore and the baby weight would not just fall off like the first time. That December we moved to Fort Leavenworth and set out on a quest to find a gym for our family. After 5 months of searching, our family joined jessicaLeavenworth Country Club/Great Life Fitness. Shortly after joining I heard there was a personal trainer who ran a program called “Superpump.” Joining this workout program has really been an amazing journey for me. All the ladies are really motivated and keep me committed to the program. They also introduced me into another community known as MyFitnessPal, a free food/exercise tracker website. With a comprehensive database of over 2,322,000 foods and restaurant items you can track your food choices with a few clicks. This app fits a number of popular diets like Atkins, the South Beach Diet, the Zone, or customize your own diet profile. MyFitnessPal has a free that is available on most smartphones and has the ability to connect with other 3rd party fitness gadgets like the FitBit. You can make the settings public so your friends can have access or keep them private so nobody else can see them. I find it motivating to keep my setting publics so when you eat two pieces of cake one night and the next night you just finish the whole thing, your friends can send you a message and get you back on track. With the help of Superpump training and myfitnesspal app, I am already down 5 pounds in one month.
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