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How to See Every Facebook Post
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Jan. 14, 2013 5:15 a.m.

Donít you love how Facebook only shows you want it thinks you want to see in your newsfeed when in reality you just want to see everything? I find it quite amusing that Facebook is purposely adding code to make life harder on the end user. Even if you add the fan page to an interest list or want to get notified on all updates, Facebook wonít show you the page in the newsfeed. Well, I hate to tell you Facebook but thereís a way around your little newsfeed algorithm, mobile ads, promoted post, and app suggestions by using 3rd party apps. These little apps strip all the nasty Facebook algorithm from your newsfeed leaving an unedited list of all the posts from your friends and fan pages. Yes, thatís right Ė you see everything. So now you must be wondering what 3rd party app to use? I use Facely HD on my iPhone. This app is almost a duplicate of Facebookís app in look and feel but without the annoying algorithm. You can even update fan pages from this all in one app. When I want something a little different I use Flipboard, which turns my newsfeed in a magazine type format. If I want to schedule Facebook statuses quickly to multiple fan pages, I use Hootsuite, which can also be used to view the newsfeed Ė although itís not very pretty. In the end you have to find the 3rd party app you like in the look and feel but try free version before you commit to buying a full version.

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