Guacamole has become a favorite household snack.

Sunday nights are designated "snack night" in our household. The concept was a tradition in my husband's family with Sunday night dinner consisting of popcorn, apples and cheese. While we have carried on the tradition with our children, we enjoy creating new snacks based on that week's ingredients in our kitchen.

Guacamole has become the favorite in our household. I've taught our children to make the dip from scratch with fresh avaocados, salsa, garlic salt and lime juice. While watching television as a family, we dip into our family treat with tortilla chips, celery sticks and baby carrots. On rare occasions there's leftover guacomole, but it doesn't last long as it's used the next day as a spread on a vegetarian sandwich.

I appreciate the health benefits of the avocados used to make our guacamole. They are a good source of fiber and vitamins and are high in healthy monounsaturated fats. It's nice to hear my kids say, "Pass the guacomole."

Of course my response is, "Say please!"