If a vacuum salesmen visited your home lately trying to provide a demonstration, you may wish to contact the police department.

According to Associated Press, both Wichita, Hutchinson and their surrounding communities have suffered a string of burglaries related to individuals posing as Kirby vacuum salesmen.

Reports say the individuals go door-to-door without ID, trying to provide demonstrations within the house. Afterward, the individuals will steal small objects around the house, usually small jewelry or cash.

Nick Gregory, city administrator, reported during the city commissioner's meeting Monday an anonymous tip suggests that the same scam may be happening in McPherson.
Gregory said door-to-door salespeople must have an issued peddler's license, also known as an occupation license.

"There's currently only one licensed Kirby salesmen within the city of McPherson," Gregory said. "Whenever an individual comes to your door, you should always ask for ID. If they don't have one, that's when you want to call the police."

Gregory said some of the salesmen in McPherson may actually be with the company, but unaware of the need for a peddler's license. Often, Gregory said, salesmen will come in a group. In those cases, each salesmen must be able to present photo identification.

The exception to this law is underage children, such as Girl Scouts selling cookies.

Detective Kevin McKean with the McPherson Police Department said no official reports have yet been received for any similar burglaries in McPherson, but encouraged anyone to call 911 should similar individuals be seen in the area.