United Way thanks community for support

The annual campaign for United Way of McPherson County has come to a close, and in four short months, the community responded to our needs by pledging almost $200,000 toward this year’s goal.

Dollars were secured through individual gifts, business contributions and employee campaigns.

These gifts will make a tremendous impact on our community. One hundred percent of funds raised during Campaign 2012 will be distributed to more than 20 agencies within McPherson County who are addressing human service issues. Specifically, United Way is dedicated to supporting programs related to health, education and financial stability.

Heart to Heart is a child advocacy center that assists children and their families through the entire legal process while addressing sexual and physical abuse cases. McPherson Family Life Center sponsors Parent Link, a program designed to support families during the first year of a child’s life. McPherson County Council on Aging provides a comprehensive transportation service for senior citizens living in eight communities within the county. The list goes on and on!

Supporting the United Way movement is one of the most powerful, collective opportunities in which one can be involved in the community.

I offer heartfelt thanks to those who made financial commitments to Campaign 2012. Their support solidifies our presence in McPherson County and allows our partner agencies to continue providing much needed services to those of varying ages and needs.

— Anne M. Kirchner,  executive director United Way of McPherson County

Reader lauds Huelskamp, Moran commitment to gun rights

As sinister forces take aim at our treasured Second Amendment, Kansas is blessed to have two men on the ground in D.C., fighting for law-abiding American gun owners. Both Congressman Tim Huelskamp and Senator Jerry Moran have spines of steel on gun ownership in America, bolstered by A ratings from the NRA and proven legislative records.

While much of the news media, U.N. and corrupt politicians feverishly work to demonize and restrict gun ownership, a father/son duck hunting near Manhattan or a retired Army Veteran in Reno County happily know they have resolute representation in Washington, D.C.

— David Hobson, McPherson