A house that has been claimed as an eyesore on its community will soon be torn down, one way or the other.

A house that has been claimed as an eyesore on its community will soon be torn down, one way or the other.

The McPherson City Council gave owners David Saunders and Abbey Schmidt 30 days to actively pursue the appropriate permits necessary in order to remove their house at 520 S. Ash St. in McPherson.

The residence has received inspections throughout the months of December and January, and deemed by both Vince Rocco, code enforcement officer, and Bret Reynolds, building inspector, as unfit and unsafe to live in. Rocco said the owners also owed back taxes on the property that have been due since 2009.

Saunders said the house has been unoccupied since April 2012, and is currently used by his family for storage. Saunders said he intends to tear down the house anyway, but he needed more time to acquire the funds for both the project and to pay the back taxes still owed.

Saunders said he’s been actively pursuing information regarding the necessary permits he needs to tear the house down, but he accused Vince Rocco of being uncooperative toward that goal.

“He doesn’t want to work with me on anything. He hasn’t tried to work with me on anything,” Saunders said. “I haven’t gotten any cooperation from Mr. Rocco at all.”

Saunders said the street to the residence was blocked, which prohibited Saunders from transporting storage from the residence.

Steve Salters, who lives north of the house, said he and other residents within the community have been reporting their concerns to city officials for the last 23 years.

“The residence has been reported a health nuisance. It’s a home for feral cats, and it’s an eyesore for the community,” Salters said.

Mayor Tom Brown said he agreed with Salters, saying the residence was an eyesore for the city of McPherson.

City commissioners decided the Saunders family must be actively diligent within the next 30 days to seek removal or repair of the residence. If it is determined the Saunders and not seeking active removal of the structure, the city will then remove both the house and the backyard fence.

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