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The Shiny New Gadget Syndrome.
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Feb. 4, 2013 5:15 a.m.

The anticipation on what the next ďitĒ gadget sets the blogs, Facebook, and Twitter on fire! What are the features, who has the inside scoop, and when can we get our hands on these shiny new toys. Yes, itís exciting to see the next it gadget but I donít fall for the hype.
So you might be wondering why I donít rush out and buy the latest gadgets being a gadget person. Here are my top ten reasons why I donít fall for the shiny new gadget syndrome.
  1. I would rather live life without credit card debit than trying to keep up with the latest gadgets.
  2. Really, how many cell phones and tablets can one person use at once? I have one phone, one tablet thatís all I need.
  3. More gadget = more clutter. Not only do you have a the gadget, but also the charges, adapters, etc. Sometimes I have a hard enough time making sure I have a memory card in my camera, imagine how hard it would be to try to keep up with 20 different cables.
  4. I like to see the specs on the final product. Thereís a big difference on trade show demos and what is on the final product.
  5. Slick advertising to get you to buy their product because they say you canít live without it. Be smarter than the marketing campaign.
  6. The first round almost all products have glitches especially Apple products. I also tell people to wait at least a month before ordering a new Apple gadget as there is always an issue with the hardware or software. Apple always plays the ďthere is no problemĒ card until enough people complain and then they will address the problem. This is a result of rushing products out to market without full testing and trying keeping up with the 1 year Apple turnover.
  7. I do my research before I buy. What are the specs? What can the product do? What is the learning curve? Do I like the feel of the gadget? Whatís the lifespan of the gadget?
  8. I always like to try before I buy. In other words Ė rent the latest gadgets. Ybuy.com is the latest website to rent items online Ė think of it as the Netflix of the gadget world. Need a camera for a family vacation? This might be the site for you! Just check out the rules of the site in case the item is lost, stolen, or damaged.
  9. Do a comparison of the gadget you have to the one you want to upgrading. I was all for upgrading to the new iPad until I saw the specs and to me a better resolution wasnít worth $300. (That was in addition to the $350 I was quoted for selling my iPad2). So not worth it the upgrade.
  10. See if the new gadget is compatible with your other products. This was a huge deal when the iPhone 5 came out with the new charging port which is the number one complaint of Iphone 5 users.
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