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Book Review: Merciless by Brandon Ford
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By Garon Cockrell
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Feb. 5, 2013 5:10 a.m.

We've had nothing but praise for independent horror author Brandon Ford (Pay Phone, Decayed Etchings), as you can see from our inclusion on the cover of his latest offering, Merciless, and I have to say the praise will keep coming.
Merciless is a devastating novella based on true events that will get right under your skin, nearly from the start. It's extremely intense and all the more horrific considering the factual events it is based on.
I hesitate to go too much into detail as far as plot goes. I will say that you get brutal murders, kidnappings, lots of blood, well, all you want from a dark and creepy story.
I watch a lot of horror films and read a lot of horror books so it's not often that I have a "holy shit!" moment. I'm happy to say I had a few reading this, and not just from Merciless either. The book also includes 3 other stories including, "The Neighbor," "All I Ever Wanted," and "Last Call," each of which showcase the ever growing talent that Brandon Ford has at his fingertips.
With each book of Ford's that I read I am only more impressed. He just gets better and better and his grasp on short fiction is just as strong as it is on long form. You never grow tired of his words or his characters and he does a great job of sending the chills right down your spine.
Merciless is a prime example of the versatility Ford has. While the majority of the book is terrifying and disturbing he does sneak up and gives a little tug on the heartstrings (and not with a serrated blade).
I can't recommend Brandon Ford enough and Merciless is an excellent place to start if you wish to dive into his work.
If you subscribe to the idea of a new class in independent horror then Brandon Ford is valedictorian.
Mercliess is available now on your favorite eBook reader (Kindle or Nook)or physical copy!

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