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by Garon Cockrell
Show Review: It Gets Better Tour
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By Garon Cockrell
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Feb. 7, 2013 12:01 a.m.

It was a magical evening this past Friday night as the It Gets Better tour hit the stage for its west coast premiere. What followed was an emotional night of laughs, tears, beautiful music, amazing performances, and inspirational stories.
These are the stories that happen to a community and to see them brought to life is powerful. In fact, it is the stories that make for the most powerful moments. Sporadically through the show the story pauses, the characters fall away, we meet a cast member and we hear their story. It's these few moments where you realize just how important this type of an event is. These stories make everything real and they will touch the audience in a way that not much else can because they are real experiences and the pain and sadness that they experienced comes through and it hits home.
Eyes will be opened by this show and it is extremely important to get as many eyes as possible on it.
But don't worry it's not all sad stories and tears. This show packs a lot of laughs and it mixes the emotions and the laughs brilliantly.
That brilliant mixture comes not only from the well written script courtesy of Liesel Reinhhart, but also from the stellar cast: Tyler Houston, Jason Currie, Tod Macofsky, Mario Mosley, Sacha Sacket, and Drew Tablak. They all embodied their characters and brought them to life flawlessly. These are brave brave performances, especially for those that had the chance to tell their own stories, many of which had me in tears. Of course by the end of this show I was in tears anyway.
Every cast member delivered brilliantly. I can't single one out because they were all great. What I can say is that I was shocked by Drew Tablak. His story was one we haven't heard much of and it was riveting and then he sang and I was just in awe. I just wasn't expecting it and it was magic.
There are two more scheduled performances for this tour and I can only hope that more is added and they hit many many more cities. This is a show that must be seen. The message is so important. If just one persons heart or mind can be swayed then it's a success but I think that many many minds will be changed and many hearts touched by the beautiful songs, amazing performances, and personal stories that the It Gets Better tour is delivering.
If you get the chance, take everyone you can to experience this incredible show.
For tour dates and more information please visit itgetsbettertour.org.

February 16, 2013
Lawrence, KS
Presented by: Lied Center of Kansas, University of Kansas
Venue: The Lied Center

February 23, 2013
Seattle, WA
Presented by: Seattle Theatre Group
Venue: The Moore

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