The question

I noticed the 45 mph speed limit coming into McPherson, from the east on U.S. Highway 56, has been moved back to east of the interstate. I think it has been this way for a little while, before I realized the sign was moved. The 45 sign used to be on the west side of the interstate, about in line with Montana Mike’s. I drive this road a lot and wonder how many others haven't noticed. I was wondering if you could write a story on it?

—Anonymous reader

The answer

The story of this sign change starts two years ago, said Joe Palic, Kansas Department of Transportation area engineer.

KDOT was concerned about the incidents of accidents in the eastbound lanes of U.S. 56 going out of McPherson. The speed limit was changed so it remained 45 mph until after the Interstate ramps.

KDOT likes to maintain the same speed limit on both sides of the road, so the 45 mph sign for the westbound lanes should have been moved to the east of the Interstate ramps at that time as well.
It was not.

KDOT recently realized its oversight and moved sign for the westbound lanes to the east side of Interstate ramps.

Due to the issue with accidents in the eastbound lanes in that area, KDOT is studying the possibility of putting a traffic signal at that location, Palic said.

The signal would only control eastbound traffic, he said. Westbound traffic has not been a problem.