The McPherson Municipal Building will soon install a new automated external defibrillator.

The McPherson Municipal Building will soon install a new automated external defibrillator.

Commissioners approved a budget of $1,239 on Monday for the purchase of the AED, as well as a cabinet with an alarm and prescription pads from Zee Medical.

Tom Stinemetze, planning and zoning administrator, said while the building is not required by law to have one on-site, the AED is still considered essential in a cardiac emergency.

Stinemetze said the AED will not affect training costs.

"Training would be provided by EMS personnel initially and then as part of our regular first-aid training classes," Stinemetze said. "Ongoing costs would include replacement of the pad after each use and periodic battery replacement.

College dorms face fines for false alarms

McPherson city commissioners signed an ordinance Monday that would places fines on college dormitory owners for false fire alarms.

Owners of college dormitory could pay as much as $500 per false alarm. The fine will be placed on the owners only if the college cannot pinpoint the perpetrator.

Jeff Deal, McPherson fire chief, said the fine acts as a deterrent to false alarms, adding that false alarm responses endanger lives and property and waste city resources.

Deal said the imposing a fine had been in practice for some time, but had never been in any official writing.

Mayor Tom Brown said both colleges have been made aware of the fine and had an informal agreement with the city for years.

In other business:

• Commissioners approved a budget of $7,150 for the construction of a new wall with a 42-inch lockable door in the East hall of the McPherson Municipal Center. The wall will make the boardroom available after hours for public meetings while retaining security of non-public areas of the building. The wall also will create an area for outdoor workers to shed and store items, such as boots and coats prior to entering other parts of the building.

• Commissioners approved a budget of $1,900 for the replacement of 48 feet of curb and gutter, as well as three concrete panels (13 inches by 14 inches) at 525 Oakpark Drive. The replacement is due to pavement failure in the area.

• Tim Maier, BPU general manager, reported on software updates. BPU's CIS software is expected to go fully live on April 1 and will provide online services to customers. Maier said the bill format is due to change next month. BPU can be contacted at 245-2515 for further questions.