The Lamplighter circle meeting met in the serve center of the First United Methodist Church on Jan. 21.

The Lamplighter circle meeting met in the serve center of the First United Methodist Church on Jan. 21.

The meeting was called to order by Doreen Ediger, who thanked the hostesses Sheryl Messinger and Arlene Anderson. Devotions were given by Debbie Kresky from Psalms 23:6. Roll call was answered by 16 members and one guest Kathy Nuss by naming their favorite winter pastime. Minutes of the Nov. 19 meeting were read and approved. There was no correspondence.

Doreen shared a picture from David and Deborah Barton, who are in Papua New Guinea. The Partners Class helps support this couple in their mission work. Average attendance for vacation bible school is 500 children.

Regarding spiritual growth, Joyce Hall told the spiritual meaning of each verse of Partridge In A Pear Tree. Alma Nigh ask for prayers for Shirley McKinney.

The group thanked the people who furnished food for the funeral dinners and the time they worked.
Doreen reported the 2012 reading program reports are due by Feb. 15.

The mother and daughter banquet date is still not decided, but it may be on April 9. The hostesses will be Mary/Martha circle and Rachel circle with the Methodist Men cooking and serving the meal. The Lamplighter circle group will be in charge of June 6 brunch, and Methodist Men meal Nov. 7. The salad supper will be Sept. 12, served by Barbara Circle; Christmas Tea is Dec. 2. There was going to be a sign-up for the bloodmobile canteen, but there was a mix-up and the date could change to May. The executive board bought each circle a mission calendar as the group is required to give a mission moment. Circles were asked to decide on a date they would like to serve the STEPMC program, serving between 45 and 60 people.

Manelia Stephenson gave a report of the work the sewing group did for missions in 2012. A total of $1,070 was received and given to missions.

Karen Davidson would like to have the names of any shut-ins who need to be added to the circle’s lists.
The lesson for the evening was the pledge service given by Sheryl Messenger. It was titled Finding, Giving, and Living Peace. Each member of the United Methodist Women is encouraged to try and do all of these things. The group sang the song “Let There Be Peace on Earth.”

Sheryl explained the 2013 UMW budget — the total budget for the year is $10,065.

The next meeting will be Monday. Hostesses will be Carol Vogel and Karen Keefer. Doreen Ediger will give devotions. Joyce Hall will have the program.