Thank goodness for the “Dirty Dozen”! As Steve Sell has pointed out in several articles; the Roundhouse just isn’t rocking.

Thank goodness for the “Dirty Dozen”!  As Steve Sell has pointed out in several articles; the Roundhouse just isn’t rocking.

To solve this major attendance problem the “Dirty Dozen” has managed to make the voluntary Pep Band, mandatory.  I’m so glad they have focused on this major issue.

However, it seems the policy change didn’t fix the problem. The board of education needs to revisit this and apply a grade to all students not just band members.  I suggest we get the city council involved. We need an ordinance so that the police can write a ticket to anyone on the city streets during a game.
Are you serious?  I’m not!

War, broken tax codes, unemployment, school funding, even pot holes and all the 12 most powerful people in town want to complain about the attendance at the Roundhouse.

If the unnamed “Dirty Dozen” wants to file complaints about something so silly then I must file a complaint about them. Since it appears they have so much power, then why haven’t they fixed anything that matters.

I’m including a picture of the game on Feb. 12 versus Mulvane. I dare you to tell me that this is large community support.  You can clearly see that the picture was taken five minutes into the third quarter.
From your article, it is reported that when the BOE was questioned by parents on this policy change, they had no comment. Shame on them; this is such a major issue that USD 418 will let it impact grades, but the BOE won’t come provide support either.  I’m sure they used their time as they needed.

The only response from the school is “...that what the public thinks of them is more important than what they do.” So this begs the question what about the loses in soccer, football, wrestling and so on, who is responsible and what actions are being taken for them letting down the community. Where academics are concerned when our students score less than 21 on the ACT, who is responsible and what actions are taken.

I also want to point out that the band performed at halftime; sounded great and received no applause from the community attending for their effort.

By the way I don’t have a child in the band or the basketball team, and I bet the “Dirty Dozen” doesn’t either.

Also, I have no problem providing my name.

—  Robert R. Mowery, of McPherson