As snow steadily fell Wednesday in McPherson, road crews were out fighting the white stuff.

As snow steadily fell Wednesday in McPherson, road crews were out fighting the white stuff.
By the end of today, the area was expected to receive 12 to 14 inches of snow.
The National Weather Service is predicting a 50 percent chance of snow tonight a low near 10 and winds of 10 to 20 mph.
As of late Wednesday afternoon, law enforcement reported roads in town as snow packed and roads in the county as slushy.
Several minor accidents had been reported on Interstate 135, but none of them involved serious injuries, according to McPherson County dispatch.
Tom Kramer, McPherson County public works director, said crews put down brine prior to the snowfall on Tuesday. Crews were out with plows Wednesday, and the county planned to continue plowing today. Road crews were on 12-hour split shifts. Half the crew worked 12 hours, and then the other half of the crew worked the next 12 hours.
Kramer said this would continue until the roads are cleared.
"We caution everyone to slow down and build some extra time in if you are going to get out," he said.
Dillard Webster, McPherson County emergency management director, said he was coordinating with the Red Cross, which had mobilized to provide emergency shelters for the storm if needed.
As of Wednesday no shelters had been opened in McPherson. However, they could be made available to stranded interstate travelers or to those who lose power.
Residents or travelers in need should call emergency management at 245-1261 during business hours or emergency dispatch after hours for more information.
Webster said the McPherson was fortunate in that the ice portion of the storm went south of the area.
"I think county public works can handle it. They have the equipment to move the snow," he said. "It is a wet snow, and we are going to have a lot of it before it is over."