Save 'N Share is hosting a silent auction for unique and valuable donated items.

Save 'N Share is hosting a silent auction for unique and valuable donated items.

The auction, which began Feb. 19 and ends March 9 at noon, is in celebration of the store’s first year at its new location at 209 S. Main St. Those who wish to bid must come into the store and ask for a manager.

Proceeds from the auction will go to Churches United in Ministry, the store’s organizing entity that aids community members in need. Auction organizers anticipate it will raise several hundred dollars.

There are several items for bid, which include local artists’ paintings, as well as rare shoes and old irons.

“You can see from the store that we get a lot of items that are pretty ordinary,” Churches United in Ministry President Donna Bagley said. “Certainly with the prices we charge, it’s fantastic what the community contributes to us. These items are things that came in and caused us to go, ‘Oh.’”

Many of the items were received months ago, but were saved for an event such as this.

“Our prices are so low on most things that, rather than pricing them and letting the lucky person who happens to get here first get the treasure, we decided to do this auction so everyone would have the opportunity,” Bagley said.

Among the paintings are three untitled original watercolor works by the late Ellen Groves, a former McPherson resident. The largest, hung without a date, is 19-inch by 27-inch piece illustrating fall leaves in hues of brown, red and green. Paula Allmon, Save N' Share volunteer and former USD 418 art teacher, said this piece stood out above the others.

“It’s exquisite,” Allmon said. “Ellen was a wonderful artist and did so many different techniques, but there’s just something about this piece that’s got so much movement, beautiful limited coloration, beautiful technique, and its nicely framed as well.”

Two others by Groves are a 1989 7-inch by 9-inch piece featuring sunflowers with a windmill in the background and an 8-inch by 8-inch painting of a vase of orange flowers.

Hannah Swensson is represented in the auction by one block print entitled “Lone Pines.” It is a 7-inch by 4-inch painting from 1943. Swensson is a McPherson High School graduate who was influenced greatly in her art by Lindsborg artist Birger Sandzén.

Bids also will be placed on a print by Maleta Forsberg, a current McPherson County resident. “Prairie Plums” is 14-inches by 10-inches.

“These are wonderful examples of our area fine artists,” Allmon said. “We have a treasure trove of wonderful artist in our area.”

A Japanese hand-painted silk four-panel screen with a black enameled frame is also in the auction. It depicts birds and shrubbery but has no known date or purchase price.

In addition to the local art, two rare items also will be sold.

The first is a pair of knock-off Christian Louboutin red sole black pumps. Second is a pair of Pagoel cast irons from the early 1800s.

There will be reserved prices for each of theses items, and if that price is not reached, the items will be re-listed in a future silent auction, which co-manager Jalayn Stieben said was very likely.

This event is in some ways a cumulative event for the success of the store’s first year in its new location. Bagley said sales for 2012 were 25 to 30 percent more than sales in 2011 — a record sales year. And things are looking good for another banner year for 2013.

“Last year, because we had this new store, we had the best year ever,” Bagley said. “The store really came through and allowed us to help many more people (1,093 total). I kind of see Churches United in Ministry as the hands and feet of Jesus in McPherson.”

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