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Why I Changed My Email from Road Runner to Outlook.com
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March 15, 2013 5:30 a.m.

A couple of weeks ago I started the dreaded process of changing my email address after discovering that Road Runner was blocking some of email. Iíve been looking at dumping my road runner account for a while but was indecision on which email service to use. Iíve listed my reasons for wanting to dump my road runner account.
  • Like most email you use a POP account to log into your account on your phone, which brings in a copy of the email but doesnít apply any changes to the mail server if you move or delete the message. This means I still have to delete the message once it downloads to Outlook 2012. I donít know about you, but I donít have the time to move message multiple times.
  • Road Runner only likes to send email from that account from my phone if Iím not on a Road Runner Wi-Fi connection or if my computer is connected to a Kansas City Road Runner Connection or another non-road runner connection. So if Iím visiting my sister in Minnesota and try to send a message from my Road Runner email, it wonít work since her Wi-Fi is Road Runner. FYI: you can't send email from any Wi-Fi connection if you are not at home unless you use the webmail.
  • If I changed my internet provider, I would lose my road runner email address.
  • I use to never get spam on my road runner email but that has changed in the past couple of weeks. Now I get an average of 2-3 spam emails a day but not the email from friends and family.
After playing around with outlook.com this week I was really enjoying the syncing between my computer, webmail, and my phone. Here are some features that Iím really loving on Outlook.com
  • The Outlook.com webmail site is clean, uncluttered, and has a drop and drag feature when moving messages.
  • Outlook.com has a plug-in for Outlook 2012 that syncs directly with the server. This makes it really easy for moving messages from my Road Runner Account to my new Outlook.com Account. Once I installed the plug in, I just had to enter my name, email, and password and everything else was done for meoutlook.
  • I set up my iPhone in less than a minute since the Hotmail email settings are pre-loaded on the Apple Operating System. I just entered my email address and mail and within minutes all my folders and email had been loaded onto my phone. If I move or delete the message, it message is moved on the server.
  • Flag, Move, and Delete icons help you quickly sort your email. When you flag an email it keeps that email at the top of the inbox.
  • Outlook.com wants to keep you clutter free and offers scheduled clean up session for your inbox. Love this .... I can tell it to keep only the current email from ScrapGirls, who offer free download but they are only good for 24-48 hours so now outlook deletes them after 3 days - will keep my inbox a lot cleaner when I'm busy and it won't matter that the email is gone because the free file will have expired.
  • The Unsubscribe tool will help you keep email you don't want out of your inbox altogether. Iíve already used this several times on companies that keep adding my email back on their email lists.
  • Did your friendís email get hacked? Let Outlook.com know under Junk Button when you open the email. You can also let them know that you received a phishing email. By reporting spam emails, you help Outlook.com keep the spam out.
  • Already have a Hotmail, MSN or other Microsoft domain email? Upgrade to Outlook.com easily without losing anything. Your email address, rules, and all your messages will come with you.? You can start using Outlook.com now with the same email. You will however be automatically converted to Outlook.com by the summer, if you don't voluntarily switch before then. You can also upgrade your Gmail account with one click.
  • Need to share photos from Disney with Grandma? Outlook.com gives you the ability to send massive files, including hundreds of photos at a time, in a single email.
  • If you are tired of ads taking over your webmail screen. You will want to check out Outlook.com which offers uniform, neutral color ads that are tucked away on the right side of the inbox. They will stay that way unless you decide to interact with them and will disappear once you open or create an email.
  • If you don't want to give your personal email address to online retailers or others who might send unwanted email, you can create another email address (an "alias") within your account. When someone sends an email to your alias, it goes to a folder in Outlook.com you designate. When you're done with the alias, you can delete it. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner Ė left of your name, click ďMore Email SettingsĒ, then ďCreate an AliasĒ link to get started.
Want to check out how Outlook.com ranks against Gmail or Yahoo Mail in this comparison chart.
Let me know if you switch to Outlook.com or if you have favorite feature on the Adventures with Gadget Girl Facebook Page.

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