The Question

Which cities in McPherson County have a city commission, and which have a city council? What’s the difference between the two?

The Answer

Only the city of McPherson has a city commission. The other cities in McPherson County have city councils. Those up for election this year include Canton, Galva, Inman, Lindsborg, Marquette, Moundridge and Windom.

Mike Koss, member of services manager and staff attorney for the League of Kansas Municipalities, said there are many differences between the two models of city government, but the primary factor was the role of the mayor.

In a city council, the mayor does not vote on council decisions, but does have veto power. The mayor’s veto can be overwritten by a two-thirds majority of the council. In a city commission, the mayor has a direct vote on city matters, but has no veto power. The mayor in a city council still presides over the council meeting, and can give advisory opinions on council decisions.

Voters can place an advance vote from now until April 1 in the McPherson County Clerk’s office in the basement of the McPherson County Courthouse. The general election is April 2.