This is the third installment in a series introducing 2013 local election matchups.

Age: 35

Occupation: Head kitchen lead at DQ

1. Why are you running for a position on local government?

I proclaim Jesus Christ as my savior, and I believe in compassion, forgiveness and the tenacity it takes to be salt and light in 2013 Anno Domini. Simply put, I care. I care about the protection of God-given freedoms provided by our Constitution. I care about the welfare of citizens, not just in economics but also the peace of mind that those who represent them are truly looking out for their best interest. I care about family farms, family units and what it means to be an "In God We Trust" American. I would just like the opportunity to serve the community that has given me and my family so much. An opportunity to preserve our ideals and heritage, while looking toward the future.

2. What do you think the role of local government should be?

Protection of the people, through constitutional use of force, if necessary. Service for the people through humility, compassion, equality and justice and the fostering of an economic environment that promotes strategic community growth, prosperity and adornment by the people.

3. What would be your goals if elected to a position on city government?

Goals: Meaningful communication and open relationships with and between council members, city employees, business owners and citizens. The completion of a unified emergency preparedness plan based on an all-hazard planning format and relating to the needed relationship between city, county, state and federal agencies and resources. The elimination of outdated, unused and/or unenforced ordinances. The promotion of economic opportunities that build upon rural agriculture. The research of communities that have successfully brought in younger families and the development of initiatives that will keep Inman a place people choose to call home.

4. What do you think is the greatest challenge facing your community at this time? How would you address that challenge?

Inman has many qualities that make it appealing for families. We have an excellent library and museum. We have a beautiful park. We have good places to eat and shop. Our school district is second to none. But yet, there are many homes for sale in Inman. Some are still occupied, but many of them are vacant. Again, strategy must be developed that will bring families to Inman not only to build but also to buy and renovate current existing homes.