Thumbs up

Volunteers train to aid during disasters

Congratulations to Andrea Clark, Brittany Janda, Sherri Warbritton and Pat Wheeler who all came closer last week to being certified as disaster shelter operators after participating in a tabletop disaster simulation March 14.

The American Red Cross offered a two-session fundamentals course this month that guided participants through operations to opening, managing and closing a shelter in 72 hours.

The number of certified operators in the area is now at about 15, right around the minimum number the Red Cross hopes to have on hand for emergencies in a given area.

Candidates discuss important topics during forum

Thank you to all the residents who turned out for the Canton City Council forum Monday night. Residents and candidates both touched on the importance of stimulating growth, facilitating communication and battling apathy in the community.

We hope Canton and all area residents will turn out to vote on April 2.

Locals participate in Walk Kansas

The McPherson County Extension office reports about 30 local teams are participating in Walk Kansas this year.

Walk Kansas encourages exercise and healthy eating through friendly competition. Teams choose a distance goal which is related to the dimensions of the state.

Weight loss can be very challenging, and we give a big thumbs up for locals who have took this step toward healthier lifestyles.

Those on the teams from Aero Transportation Products of McPherson have come a long way and are participating in Walk Kansas as part of their journey. Keep it up.

Game a good reward for reading

Inman Elementary students recently played a basketball game against teachers as part of a program to encourage reading.

If fourth graders, fifth graders or sixth graders read enough books before spring break, they were allowed to participate in the friendly competition, which students annually look forward to.

High-achieving younger students get priority seating and are allowed to shoot baskets at half time.
Other rewards during the year focus around activities and relationships.

Inman Elementary has done an excellent job with encouraging students to read, a skill they will need for their entire life.

Thumbs sideways

Congress leaves vets hanging; Central seeks to assist

This week, Central Christian College reached out to veterans whose financial aid may have been held up by the sequestration. We applaud Central for helping veterans in their time of need.

However, we give a thumbs down to the Congress for creating this hardship through its inability to compromise on a reasonable budget.

Thumbs down

Property tax definition needs more evaluation

We give the Kansas Legislature a thumbs down this week for a bill that would reclassify the definition of real and personal property.

The bill would potentially affect the assessed valuation of cities, counties and school districts all over the state, shifting the property tax burden from commercial businesses to small business and individual property owners.

We don’t support such a shift, nor do we support a change in the definition until the full effects of the bill can be quantified.

— The McPherson Sentinel Editorial Board