This is the fifth installment in a series introducing 2013 local election matchups.

Education: High school graduate

Occupation: Retired

Experience: Three terms on city council, served four terms on school board. Former bookkeeper and denal receptionist for 15 years, former business owner in Canton for 14 years, active in Chamber of Commerce, was active in the Canton Development Corp for many years, currently on the MCDS Board of Directors.

1. Why are you running for a position on local government?

Interested in remaining active in City Government.

2. What do you think the role of government should be?

Promoting the community, providing essential services, setting policy and controlling costs.

3. What would be your goals if elected to a position on City Government?

Maintain a common sense approach to City Government.

4. What do you think is the greatest challenge facing your community at this time? How would you address that challenge?

Keeping and adding businesses, adequate housing, and improving the infrastructure.