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How to Recycle in Kiowa County
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Recycling is a great way to notice how much waste we as individual citizens create, and it affords us the opportunity to reuse it the way our frontier ancestors did. The average American produces about 3.8 pounds of recyclables every day. Even though recycling takes a few minutes of time, it can give you great personal satisfaction to know that the items you separate out are being reused instead of sitting uselessly in a landfill for hundreds of years. When you make the decision to keep a bottle to recycle at home instead of tossing it in the closest trash can, consider these benefits of your action: resource conservation, energy conservation (it uses more energy to make a new product than to recycle an old one), better air quality, land conservation, and economic growth (850,000 jobs and $86 billion in sales). Of course, the positive effects of recycling are most obvious when many people do it, which is why it is wonderful that Kiowa County has many options for recycling!
Greensburg and Haviland are fortunate to have monthly recycling pick-up through Nisly Brothers. Nisly’s recycling pick-ups in Greensburg occur on the second Wednesday of the month for east-west streets and the third Wednesday of the month for north-south streets. In Haviland, recycling pick-up by Nisly is the fourth Wednesday of every month. Nisly does “single-stream recycling” for their residential monthly pick up, which means that they do all the separating of papers, plastics, cans, etc. for you after they pick up your recycling, which saves your time.

Kiowa County's recycling facilty at 1002 S. Grove St in Greensburg.

All residents of Kiowa County have the option to bring their recycling to the Kiowa County Recycling Facility at 1002 S. Grove Street in Greensburg if you separate your recycling into the following categories: white paper, mixed office paper, newspaper, magazines, plastic bottles, colored plastics, milk jugs, mixed plastics #3-#7, aluminum cans, steel cans, mixed paper and chipboard, phone books, green/blue glass, clear glass, brown glass, corrugated cardboard, feed sacks, and egg cartons. To view a list of items accepted and not accepted by the Kiowa County Recycling facility, visit their webpage or call Joel Schmidt, Recycling Supervisor, at (620) 723-1034. In Mullinville and Haviland, there are county trailers located within each community as a drop-off point for pre-separated recycling. Drop-off points are located at the intersection between Highway 54 and Main Street (Mullinville) and behind the nursing home on Main Street (Haviland).
In addition to the items collected by Kiowa County Recycling, the City of Greensburg has started a few recycling initiatives of its own. You can turn in handheld electronic devices, cell phones, eyeglasses, spent batteries, and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to collection boxes at the Greensburg City Hall. While one of the collection points for these items is City Hall, the eyeglasses collection is part of an initiative by the Lions Club where they provide glasses to the needy. The batteries, cell phones, and small electronic devices will be sent to The Big Green Box, which specializes in recycling these items. Contact City Administrator Ed Truelove for more information at (620) 723-2751.
In conclusion, recycle when you can! It’s good for you, good for the County, good for the Earth, and it gets us back to our resourceful roots. Special thanks to Joel Schmidt, Joe Blair, Ed Truelove, and Catherine Hart for their consultation for this article.

The diligent work of Kiowa County recyclers.

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