This is the sixth installment in a series introducing 2013 local election matchups.

Age: 67

Occupation: Retired

1. Why are you running for a position on local government?

I am running for city council at Marquette because I feel that every person should take an active roll in their town and government. If you want a town to flourish and grow, you have to have someone who truly believes that they can make a difference. I feel I can be that person. I have put in six years as city council for Marquette, and I feel I have made a difference in our town.

2. What do you think the role of local government should be?

I think the role of local government should be to help your town grow and prosper. Also, the local government should be open for the people to voice their opinion and listen to each individual. Local government should always be there with an open mind to function properly.

3. What would be your goals if elected to a position on city government?

My goals, if elected to city council, would be to bring in new businesses. Also, to make our town look so special that people will be drawn to our town to live, and maybe work and grown in. I would make it my goal to find ways to entice factories or small businesses to see Marquette as a town that wants to expand and prosper. I will work to keep our school here.

4. What do you think is the greatest challenge facing your community at this time? How would you address that challenge?

The greatest challenge facing our community at this time is to keep our school open. We are small, but we are mighty. The parents, grandparents and the people of Marquette all stand together and have tried hard. In our town, the people do stand up for our children. The children are our backbone for tomorrow. I feel if you lose your school, you lose your town. I will fight hard to keep it running. I feel if I try ways to draw businesses into Marquette, that will also help stabilize our school.