The Lamplighter Circle met in the Serve Center of the First United Methodist Church on March 18, 2013. The meeting was called to order by Doreen Ediger. Devotions were given by Mary Heitschmidt.

The Lamplighter Circle met in the Serve Center of the First United Methodist Church on March 18, 2013.  The meeting was called to order by Doreen Ediger.    Devotions were given by Mary Heitschmidt.

Mary Heitschmidt introduced Alan and Deanna Sents who gave the program on their trip to South America.  This was a three week trip of farm families who toured different farms and farming activities throughout South America.  After the program refreshments were served by Barb Gale and Donna Miller.  They served cherry cheesecake, nuts, M and M’s, mints, and coffee.

Roll call was answered by 21 members naming a sign they have noticed indicating spring is upon us.
Janis Ward read the minutes for January.

Kay Zimmerman was thanked for filling in for Karen Stewart as treasurer while Karen was gone.  Karen was welcomed back and gave the treasurers report.  About $50 was collected for serving the funeral dinner for Kelly Dame, $20 for yearbook money, and $328 in pledges.  There is $434.67 due in pledge money.

Concerns were shared for Rosie Gutsch and Mary Rodgers.

Joyce Hall gave a mission moment, and also a spiritual thought.  Pledge  chairman Sheryl  Messenger reported $1060 has been turned in on pledges and the total to date turned in is $1,180.  Shirley Lewis, courtesy chairman, had get well cards for Debbie Kresky, Mary Rodgers, and Rosie Gutsch for all members to sign.

Doreen thanked Arlene Anderson, Jody Dombaugh-Miller, and Betty Fagerquist for salads for the Dame funeral.  And also thanks went to Joyce Beims, Shirley Lewis, Carol Vogel, Karen Keefer, Judy Pedersen, and Karen Davidson for helping make and serve the meal.

The United Methodist Women board voted to purchase a disposal for the kitchen in the Serve Center and work with the trustees to purchase and put it in.

The Mother-daughter banquet is April 9.  Cost is $5 for adults and $3 for children.  If anyone is wanting to display or style a wedding dress there is a form to be filled out and should be turned in by the end of March.

May 31-June 9 is the MET Tour to the northeast.  Registration forms are available on line and due by April 1. May 1-2 is the Bloodmobile at the Trinity Lutheran Church. United Methodist Women is in charge of the canteen.  Sign-ups will be at the April meeting. June 6 is the June brunch and memorial service. The Lamplighter Circle is in charge and will work on the details at the April meeting.

Pat Brauer asked if the circle would be interested in serving refreshments at her sister’s auction on April 13.  It was decided the group could  and a committee of Kay Zimmerman, Shirley Lewis, Sheryl Messenger, and Karen Keefer will work on the details of setting it up.  All members will help as needed.

The next meeting will be April 15.  Hostesses will be Alma Nigh and Debbie Kresky. Devotions will be given by Shirley Spencer and Joyce Beims giving the program.