The Question:

What is being constructed on the campus of Central Christian College?

The Answer:

The Central Christian College bell, which is over 50 years old, was hung Friday morning.

The bell is one part of a clock tower to be built in the center of the campus' MB Miller Heritage Plaza.

Dr. Calvin H. Hawkins, director of planned giving, said the bell was brought to the campus in 1964 from Orleans Seminary in Orleans, Neb., as part of the college's 50-year celebration. Orleans Seminary is the founding institution for Central Christian.

The bell is now being hung in the plaza as part of the campus' 100-year celebration. This will mark the centennial year of the college as well as the 100th anniversary of All Schools Day this May.

The tower will also house two clocks above the bell, and two large, stained-glass tiger logos, which were constructed as a gift by alumnus Al Henrion, class of 1963.

Other construction on the plaza includes a canopy over the plaza.

Dedication of the plaza and the bell tower will take place at 2 p.m. on May 11. Hawkins said the public is invited to attend, and refreshments will be served on the plaza.

For more information, call Central Christian College at 620-241-0723.