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Living with Dogs - Snow story 2
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By Terry Spradley
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April 2, 2013 3:46 p.m.

Hopefully, the past couple snows is about the end of the white stuff for this year because it has certainly been an inconvenience at the farm.
I made it out of the driveway alright this morning, but I did have to reach for the 4WD lever about halfway through one big drift, but at least it wasn’t John Deere to the rescue time.
The dogs are loving the snow, but they’re kind of like a pair of kids that need to learn how to open and close the door on their own.
As the storm fronts roll in it’s a constant “I want in because something’s coming,” then an “I want out so I can bark at whatever’s coming.”
The morning after each snow’s arrival I’m awaken by heavy, disgusted breathing at my bedside, and Hudson over by the front door, whimpering to go out and play in the new fallen snow before some other critter tracks it up.
After I stumble over both of them making my way to the door, they bolt outside and start making K9 versions of snow angels by sticking their nose under the snow then snowplowing through it until they're half buried before rolling over a few times.
Typically, about the same time I finish my morning duties and sit down in the recliner to relax, Lightning is standing at the window with his head covered in snow and ice packed between his toes.
I get this sad “frozen, paw, frozen paw, let me in,” look from him until I get up and let him in for a few minutes and the process repeats.
Either that or I get the staring in window with the “aren’t you going to come out and play,” look.
Not bloody likely. I'm still in PJs and minus a couple layers of fur.
The snow has complicated the garden some as well. I got a little overly zealous early planting a couple tomato seedlings in late December. They’re about 4 feet tall with blossoms. I think if I warmed the house up a bit more I’d have tomatoes.
I thought about just having an indoor garden this year. At least the birds won’t get to it. However, even though I don’t use the upstairs much carrying up enough dirt for 15 tomato plants, four kinds of corn and some yellow fleshy watermelons I ordered online would be a lot of work.

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