McPherson district residents voted Bradley Berg, Kim Janzen and Nancy Young for the three spots on the USD 418 Board of Education Tuesday.

McPherson district residents voted Bradley Berg, Kim Janzen and Nancy Young for the three spots on the USD 418 Board of Education Tuesday.

Incumbent Berg finished at the top with 781 votes at 19.50 percent. Janzen followed close behind with 775 votes at 19.35 percent, and Young came in with 735 votes at 18.35 percent.

These three never left the top three slots. Janzen led at the beginning of the night, but Berg passed her in the final three counts.

“I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve another four years, and I'm thankful for the voter turnout” Berg said. “I think all the candidates had things to offer, and it's good to see people wanting that position. I'm glad there was more running than the number of positions open. It shows involvement.”
During his last term, Berg enjoyed the district's can-do attitude and its push to think outside the box in order to have creative solutions in education.

“I think McPherson is very involved in the school system,” he said. “The overall success of McPherson shows by the involvement of those out there. They're there to be involved and make a difference.”
As he serves another term, the incumbent said one of his goals is to keep improving the district.

“One of my goals is not to be satisfied with where we're at now,” he said. “Looking for ways to do things better and to get more value for the effort we put into the educational process and give more benefit to the students.”

Janzen looks forward to contributing her best to the board's initiatives.

“All the people running would have done a great job, and I'm honored to be elected,” she said. “I want to work to further fulfill the vision of C3, and I think what I bring to the board is a willingness to work hard to make the district the best it can be for all of the students. I think it's exciting to be a part of a district where new ideas are evolving.”

Young said she can't wait to get started.

“I'm just honored to be given this opportunity. I just want to thank all of my friends and family for their support. I look forward to being a part of my son's district, growing personally and professionally and making decisions about the future of our community,” she said. “I definitely want to congratulate the other winners, and I think everybody that ran was qualified and passionate.”

Two of her biggest goals are increasing enrollments and extending the state testing waiver.

“I would like to increase the amount of students we have in the district so we can increase funding,” she said. “I would like to do that by working with Go McPherson and helping to get the word out about our town.

“I'd also like to work with the board to extend the (No Child Left Behind) waiver to include all grades because I don't really believe in standardized tests. I don't believe they bring out the best in students. I think we can help develop their skills through the C3 initiative.”

The last three voter slots were Rhonda Wince, Brian Kynaston and Rob Bonham.

Rhonda Wince never trailed too far behind in Tuesday's race, concluding the night at 629 votes at 15.70 percent.

“I thought it was great we had that many people running for school board,” she said. “I think that says a lot. I don't think the reason they ran is because they're doing anything bad. That's not why I ran. I think they do a great job.”

Wince said she doesn't know if she will run for a future board opening, but she won't rule it out.

“I will continue to serve within the community with our kids, just not in that (board) capacity,” she said. “I absolutely want to stay involved.”

Brian Kynaston filed as a candidate, but dropped out after deadline. His name on the ballot, however, still ended the night at 574 votes at 14.33 percent. If he had been voted in the top three slots, the position would have been deferred to and elected by the board.

Rob Bonham received a total of 489 votes at 12.21 percent. He was unavailable for comment before press time.

The seven members of the McPherson Board of Education are elected to staggered four-year terms.

“I want congratulate the school board members elected tonight,” McPherson Superintendent Randy Watson said, “and I thank all those who put their name on the ballot and considered being on the school board. That is a very selfless act.”

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