Work soon will begin on the Grant Sports Complex, 1800 N. Main, which will include tee-ball courts and a playground.

Work soon will begin on the Grant Sports Complex, 1800 N. Main, which will include tee-ball courts and a playground.

City Commissioners authorized $800,000 in temporary financing for the project on Monday.

The project's estimated cost is $942,000. The remaining costs will be made from available funds from the McPherson Recreation Commission.

The MRC and the city must still establish a new lease agreement before incurred expenses can go into a bond.

The Grant Complex project is currently planned in two phases. The first phase consists of the construction of a playground, tee-ball courts and related drainage, sidewalks, fences, landscape improvements, bleachers and dugouts. Phase two will consist of restroom construction and irrigation improvements for existing sports fields.

Construction on the additions is expected to start before the summer. It is not known at this time when the project will be completed.

Nick Gregory, city administrator, said the project will be lumped together with the bond issue. Gregory said the city hopes to consolidate current bonds, such as those for the First Street project, as well as projects with temporary notes, such as the Barnstormer's West Field and Veranda addition, into one comprehensive bond. Gregory said the consolidation process should begin in either July or August.

In other business:

• Commissioners approved an amendment that prohibits the sale and use of metal sparklers within city limits. The amendment was proposed by McPherson fire chief Jeff Deal, who said the metal sparklers were being used to make homemade shrapnel bombs.

• City administrator Nick Gregory announced Vince Rocco, code enforcement officer, is retiring in the summer. Commissioners approved the search for a new officer. Commissioners also approved some changes to the job description, including requiring the position to assist in administering the Sidewalk Replacement and Reimbursement Program, and requesting familiarity with building code and permit requirements.

• Commissioners approved $24,798 to purchase supplies for the start up of the 2013 McPherson Water Park season.

• Commissioners approved a $2,500 donation to Aging Project Incorporated toward its Meals on Wheels and Friendship Meals program. Officials at the Aging Project said in their request economic hardship has made it difficult for the program to fund travel costs. The requested donation would cover roughly an extra 20 cents per meal. The city also is planning to send a letter thanking the Aging Project for its service to the community.

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