City crews are moving downed limbs from roadways, but will not be providing curbside pickup.

The City of McPherson would like to keep you apprised about safety measures and clean up expectations as a result of the ice storm that started on Tuesday and continues today.

City crews have been busy moving larger downed tree limbs from roadways in the City of McPherson. Street crews are currently moving these downed limbs off to the side of the road onto the right of way.

Adjacent homeowners will be responsible for removal of these limbs. To report large downed tree limbs in the Street in McPherson contact the McPherson Public Works at (620) 245-2545. If there are downed tree limbs after 5 p.m. citizens should contact 911.

At this point the City of McPherson will not be performing curbside pickup of limbs. However the City will continue to monitor ice accumulations and additional debris accumulations throughout the remainder of the storm.

The City is discouraging individuals from removing limbs until the storm has subsided and the ice has melted from the trees. Melting ice and wind can cause additional limbs to break and are safety concerns

The MASWU has indicated that they soon will be releasing information on any special accommodations for tree debris drop off sites for the upcoming days.

Citizens are encouraged to avoid contact or proximity with downed power lines. Please call the McPherson BPU immediately to report downed power lines. They can be reached during the day at (620) 245-2515 and after hours at (620) 245-2554.

For more information or questions contact City Administrator Nick Gregory at (620 245-2535 or by e-mail at